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Our history of taking the teamwork approach to solving problems has helped us create a diversified portfolio of satisfied clients and innovative products that include:

Utility Vehicle

Client : American Sportworks, LLC (Formerly Brister's)

Project: As an industry leader in design and development, Helton Inc. was presented with the challenge of bringing a new utility vehicle to life for ASW. Challenge: Design durable,aesthetic, and functional components for a utility vehicle. Solution: Working closely with the customer, Helton’s engineers developed a tough, yet appealing, vehicle for the market.


Client : Major furniture manufacturer

Project: Assist a furniture manufacturer in developing a new feature for a sofa line that would set it apart from competitors. Challenge: Using only a sofa provided by the manufacturer, our design team was given the task to create “something new.” Solution: Our team developed a “break away drawer,” a revolutionary component for sofas. The drawer feature became a best seller for the manufacturer and the design ended up having many applications beyond the furniture industry.

Returnable Packaging

Client : Leading automotive company

Project: Design a single tray that holds three different transmissions. Challenge: No other material handling manufacturer had been able to create a design that would work. Solution: The Helton Inc. engineering department shined where others failed, developing a tray that met the manufacturer’s exacting standards. Two years later the customer came back and asked that our team design an even more sophisticated insert for the tray so that two more transmissions could fit into it.

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Helton has provided top quality products on every occassion, by providing informed suggestions throughout the development process

- Van Medley, W-W Livestock Eq

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