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carter brothers itv

Carter brothers has used Helton for 20 plus years for there plastic needs. Carter came to Helton looking for some help on a new product line. This was going to be different than anything we had worked on together before. This project stretched the capabilities of both companies as Carter ventured into a new market with there utv. With this project Carter hired a designer from Italy. He designed a unit that was covered in plastic. With every aspect of the unit covered this presented a number of issues with all the body panels conecting together. The unit consited of:

Main Hood Rear Hood Front Bumper Rear Bumper
Mini Hood designed for storage Tunnel Engine Cover Left and Right Side Panels

 "most complex part"


Total we had nine pieces of plastic we had to conecting together, ten if you include that there was two versions of the engine cover “tunnel”.  The cock pit was where most, five total, of the parts met, making it the most complicated. During prototyping we fought the battle of not only fitting the part to the frame but making each connection point seamless. After many hours of working with each part we accomplished our goal in record time. In just a few short months we took this project from concept drawings to a sellable unit.

At the time we launch this project a few of the parts exceeded the capabilities of our machines. We where able to later modify the machines to pull the parts in a production setting. We took multiple types of plastics such as weather-able ABS for the main hood, rear hood and mini hood and HMWPE for the rest of the body panels. We ran into many issues during this build but managed to bring to market a unit that everyone loved. With both companies working together hand in hand we managed to push this project to the market in just a short three months start to finish for the December Christmas market. To make things even more complicated we had two other major projects going on with Carter on other units. This made for long days and lots of hours but it was worth it in the end.

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“There is no word to describe our appreciation.Thank you so very much for your support and effort to make things happen.”

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