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American Sports

Helton has had the privilege of working with American Sportworks (ASW, formally know as Brister) for 15 plus years. During this time, Helton and ASW engineering have worked together to develop all plastic components on the UTVs. These units can be found at a number of independent dealers across the nation. Major retailers also include Tractor Supply & Home Depot (Please see these dealers for the purchase of any ASW unit.)

Black American Sports Landmaster UTV Red American Sports Landmaster UTV  
 Green American Sports 2wd UTV  Green American Sports Landmaster Crew UTV

This partnership has produced several appealing vehicles.  Examples of some of the components produced by Helton are:

 2wd Weatherable Plastic Orange Hood  4 wd Weatherable Plastic Green Hood  Land master Weatherable Plastic Green Hood
 2 wd Hood  4x4 Hood  Land Master Hood
 American Sports Land Master Plastic Grill Insert  American Sports Plastic Grill Insert  
Land Master Grill Insert Grill Insert Land Master Dash


American Sports Bed liner American Sports Cab Enclosure 2 wd UTV
Bed Liner  Cab Enclosures


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Helton Mfg is a great advocate to have. They work extremely hard to earn your business. Their professionalism is unprecidented. The "real world" knowledge and experience are invaluable. I would recommend them highly. They work with you thru development, production, and shipping as if you are the only customer they have!

- Jeff Freitag, KFS Farm Supply

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