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Plastic is a versatile and economical material that can be used for many applications. Helton, Inc. offers custom thermoforming as the choice method for manufacturing affordable, durable, aesthetically-pleasing plastic parts.

Thermoforming: The thermoforming process involves preheating a flat sheet of plastic, and then bringing it into contact with a mold, taking its shape. This “forming” is accomplished by vacuum, pressure and/or mechanical force. Thermoforming offers close tolerances, tight specifications, and sharp detail.

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"The Helton Plastics team exceeds my every expectation in a production company! The Helton team has repeatedly met every design specification for my product in both materials and engineering. I am most impressed with the way Steven D. Helton and the entire Helton product team takes on each new project with an energy and attitude for their customer`s success ... because their absolutely superlative customer service is second to none! Period."

- AF Jackson, Ireland-Design

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