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Successful Farming Practices

On Dec 08, 2015

Successful farming is the result of dedication and hard work. Strong crops and healthy animals are not easy to attain, but small farms that make the most efficient use of their feed resources and reduce potential environmental impacts are generally key factors in prosperous farming.  Reducing feed waste and monitoring the health of animals will help ensure a profitable and reputable farming business. 

Monitor Health and Disease

All animals should be on a health management program. They should be vaccinated and monitored for diseases. All animals should also be on a regular de-worming and parasite control schedule to prevent these types of illnesses.  Regular testing of feed and water supplies for contamination can also prevent illness and production.  However, when animals do fall ill, temporarily reduce feed delivery to sick animals and gradually bring it back up to full levels as they recover.  This will reduce feed waste.

Reducing Feed Waste

Animals are known to spill or waste feed quite often. This results in wet feed covered with saliva that ends up spoiling and rotting. Mice, rats and flies usually infest wasted, spilled, and rotten feed supply.  The use of livestock feeders and bunks should be designed to reduce wasted feed. They should be cleaned on a regular basis to remove spoiled or rotten feed. Feeding most animals on the ground especially near a stream should be avoided.  This waste contributes to mud in pastures and paddocks.  A hay bale fed on the ground produces a substantial amount waste but hay feeders can greatly reduce the loss.  Reducing feed waste can cut costs and keep animals more productive.

Starting with the combination of vaccines, a livestock feeder and regular cleaning practices can help make a big difference in the success of your farm. Helton Plastics has been serving the agricultural industry since 1973 manufacturing many products including feeders, post caps, plastic bull sheeting and more.




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