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Healthy Calves Produce Greater Profits

On Jan 12, 2016

Health does matter when calves are put in feedlots. Research shows that when calves are treated for illness, profits decrease.  High-risk calves must have a very good health protocol when they are sent to the feedlot or profits will be greatly affected.

Health Starts at Conception

Health starts when calves are conceived. Cows need good nutrition and proper vaccinations to ensure a healthy life for their calves.  Shorting a cow of what she needs may save you money now, bit it will cost you more in the end.  Poor nutrition can lead to improper lung development and respiratory issues in calves.  Providing protein supplements during gestation leads to healthy offspring and that is more tolerant and nurses well.  Nursing is important to receive colostrum, which will greatly decrease the calf’s chance of getting a respiratory disease in a feedlot.

Preventative Measures

There are a few actions you can take to ensure a healthy calf stays healthy.  Proper vaccinations, de-worming and a check of overall health should be performed regularly.  Parasite control injections are also effective to keeping calves healthy.  Also, provide a clean environment separating young calves from older cows until they are a little older to keep optimal health.

With great nutrition, proper vaccinations, and a clean environment, calves have a better chance of staying healthy and producing the best possible product for the consumers in the end.   Helton Plastics has been serving the agricultural industry since 1973 manufacturing many products including livestock feeders, post caps, plastic bull sheeting and more. Contact us today and talk to an expert!

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