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Discover Plastics Custom Thermoforming For Various Products

On Jun 16, 2015

Considered by many to be one of the superior ways of creating specific shapes with plastic, custom thermoforming has only continued to grow in popularity. The process is very straightforward and deliberate in that plastic sheets are heated to a temperature that is considered pliable for forming. Once this step has been accomplished the plastic is then formed to an accurate and specific shape using a mold. Later, it is then trimmed in order to create the desired product or piece. It’s a system with a proven track record.

Common Household Accessories

Through the use of a vacuum, sheets of plastic are stretched over a mold to create an unlimited variety of parts, pieces, components and shapes. It is important to note that custom thermoforming of plastic is an entirely different process than what is commonly referred to as injection molding. From the automobile industry to aviation and the medical industry as well as agriculture and the creation of common household accessories, custom type thermoforming of plastic is a smart alternative to other technologies that have been used in the past.

Design And Production Challenges

While those throughout Tennessee and around the country have many choices when it comes to plastics manufacturers, one company has performed exceptionally well over the years. Helton Plastics is a trusted source for custom thermoformed plastic and a wide array of molded urethane products. The company consistently meets the design and production challenges of virtually all kinds of industries. With outstanding customer service and a commitment to quality, Helton Plastics has earned its reputation one customer at a time. The company also offers customers the option for competitive turnkey type services. Contact Helton Plastics today to learn more about custom thermoforming for plastic.



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Helton, Inc.
8700 Manchester Highway, Morrison, TN 37357
Ph: 800-889-8582
Fax: (931) 668-2996


As a customer of Helton Manufacturing for over six years, they have proven to be among our very best suppliers. Excellent quality and design support. Fast delivery, we could not ask for better. Those fortunate enough to select them surely will not be disappointed.

- Tom Coulson, Gen Mgr, Urethane Innovators

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