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Returnable packaging Radiator Rack

Cast Urethane Dunnage Radiator Rack

Cast Urethane Dunnage Radiator Rack

 During this project Helton was task with producing protective packaging for a Radiator Rack. The customer supplied us with an empty rack and allowed Helton to come up with all internal guts to fit the Radiator.


Helton is able to produce a range of density of urethane for this project we utilized a

standard 75 shore A to keep the parts safe


This rack is a side load that allows the operator to pick up the parts easily or to load. The drop down bar

holds these parts in place during transit.The pockets on the opposite side all the part to be held firmly in place.


We faced a few challenges during this project we had to design around such as clearing the

drain plug and also the water return.




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"Helton plastics has continually provided superior quality and timely delivery. Most importantly, they are very flexible, and have often gotten us out of trouble with tight time constraints"

- Brian Siefring, Dynamic Weld

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