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Urethane Dunnage Bars

Cast Urethane dunnage bars

With the ability to custom fit the profile of most any part, urethane dunnage bars have proven to be a superior packaging solution for many industries. Urethane dunnage bars are used to keep parts like glass, door panels, bumpers, engines, suspension parts and more safe during transit. No matter if it is simply across the shop floor, to another work zone or across the country to a different facility many miles away urethane bars are a perfect answer. With our in-house engineering department, Helton can help create a solution that will work for your packaging needs. Helton's tool shop can produce tools & molds to get your project from design to production in a short timeframe. Helton is here for you, no matter where you are in the process. 


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Helton, Inc.
8700 Manchester Highway, Morrison, TN 37357
Ph: 800-889-8582
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As a customer of Helton Manufacturing for over six years, they have proven to be among our very best suppliers. Excellent quality and design support. Fast delivery, we could not ask for better. Those fortunate enough to select them surely will not be disappointed.

- Tom Coulson, Gen Mgr, Urethane Innovators

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